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    Brita Seifert - Tales of Imagination
    Surreal - fantastic art, erotic dreams and much more

    Christopher Fabbri Paintings
    Landscapes, abstractions, still-lives, figures and nudes

    Nature Paintings
    Wildlife and nature art by the Lathams - a family of award winning painters. Miniatures, original artwork, licensing, and prints of wildlife and nature subjects by wildlife artists.

    Silvana Brunotti Oil Paintings
    Original Oil Paintings by the Contemporary Italian Painter Silvana Brunotti. Pictures of Rome, Italy Landscapes, Still life painting, Watercolors and mixed techiniques.

    Acylis On Canvas
    Artist: B.Corey: West Central Alberta Artist enjoys painting in acylics on canvas . Check website for sale of art in originals and reproductions. gallery on website.

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